Sarajevo Mon Amour


Nothing better than know your country and all places making it special.

First we “climb up” on the towers in cities around Bosnia and Herzegovina.

By using Montessori material, we have learned about geometric solids while playing and using our imagination we made our own small Bazaar and, on that way, we became familiar with complex mathematic part – geometric.

While playing “memory game” in our classroom we took an “imaginary walk” to the Old bridge in Mostar, Mostar tower, twisted Gradačac”s tower, visited the towers in Stolac, Banja Luka, Gračanica and returned to Sarajevo. The first significant attraction we mentioned in Sarajevo was the Clock Tower / Sahat Kula. It is the only tower in the world that shows lunar time.

Children were fascinated that day and night replacement as per Sahat tower clock is happened at sunset moment. When the clock ticking midnight, it is the time for pray. At that time the lights are up on Begova mosque minaret. During the Ramadan it was important that Sahat tower ticking exactly aksham (after sunset prayer) and then muezzin light up candles.

All other mosques are following Begova mosque and started light up candles. During the history there were special men who took care about the accuracy of Sahat tower, they called muvekits. They would know mathematic, astronomy and astrology.

Emina Sakovic

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