Playing with white margarets


March 8th – Women’s Day is coming soon and in that name we decided to do a little experiment and play with the white margarets.

We have used blue, yellow, green and red eatable colors for this experiment.

First, we put water in five glass jars. We mixed it up. After that we took a bucket of white daisies and cut carefully small flower we then put in four glass jars.

Then we went out in the garden and left out glass jars on daily light. After we returned back we noticed the first traces of our experiment.

Purpose of this activity was to teach the children about the function of the stem and to observe that water travels up the stem of s plant into the leaves and petals. Children realised that the root absorbs the water and nutrients from the soil. We placed the flower in the glass with colored water, and placed it near a window. Every day the children should check to see if the flower has changed in any way. They noticed that the petals changed colors.

Blue color had a strong intensity and white daisies became blue. Yellow, red and green color did not have a strength like a blue color and daisies got a yellow color only on its top parts. The experiment was successful not on a way we expected but nature is so simple, beautiful and not predictable.

Emina Šaković – Psychologist and Montessori Teacher

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