Colorful walk over paper bridges

Ovaj put smo promatrali svojstva papirnog ubrusa da upija i provodi vodu i promatrali smo nastanak izvedenih boja iz tri osnovne.

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There is no end to our curiosity, so we decided on another “colorful challenge”.

This time we observed the properties of a paper napkin to absorb and conduct water and we observed the formation of derived paints from three basic ones.

Material used:

  • Three glass jars and two glass cups
  • Nutritional colors: red, blue, yellow
  • A jug of water
  • Paper napkin


As in the previous experiment, we poured one food color (red, blue and yellow) into three separate jars, and watched the colors melt and spill out. Only this time between the jars with melted paints we put one glass filled with clean water.

Photography Jasmin Šaković – Bulb Art Studio
Blog Emina Šaković

After that, we placed the material on the window to observe the process of melting the colors and properties of the paper, “the journey of water” from glass to glass in different tones.

This time, some changes were noticeable immediately. We noticed with great enthusiasm how the paper took on the color in which it was immersed.

But tomorrow there have been new changes. In two glasses that were with clean water appeared derived colors. So, by mixing red and blue, purple was formed, and by mixing yellow and blue, green was created.

Try to create new color combinations. The research has just begun!

Colorful greetings are sent to you by a Unique generation and me,

Emina Šaković – Psychologist and Montessori Teacher

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