Mouth Hygiene And Tooth Care


In this post we have a chance to meet three generations that are exposed to equal experience, namely learning while playing. Reactions are unique and not to be repeated but all have the same for all generations. Entertainment is the same and universal.

As the February is the month for tooth care we have made a small observation experiment.

We have used:
• 4 eggs
• Vinegar
• Sodium bicarbonate
• Coffee
• Lemon juice
• Glass dishes
• Tray
• Tooth brush

For the experiment we made this year we used also set of teeth we made from  play dough and peas.

The aim of this experiment was to observe how different liquids affect to our tooth and we used eggs as tooth model.


We put each egg in different solution.

One egg put in vinegar dish, second in a dish with sodium bicarbonate, the third in a dish with prepared coffee and the fourth in a lemon juice dish.

We have observing what will happen with eggs during the day and the night.

The egg that was in coffee solution still has the same color even get a bit darker. Children asked if a coffee affect the same on people tooth and their parents tooth as it affected on egg.

The egg put on vinegar solution became lighter and white, and tomorrow it got almost clear.

The egg put in soda bicarbonate did not change its color a lot but it became lighter and soda bicarbonate stick on it.

After that we took a brush and tooth paste to clean “tooth” taking one by one.
Children waited their turn and brushed eggs, one by one.
During this activity we concluded that tooth cleaning after eating is very important and on that way we can clean food remains that can be mixed with bacteria and cause caries that will destroy their tooth.

We discussed and learnt about hygiene importance as well as health care.  Also we learnt about right food importance and limited cake quantity.

And now take a tooth brush in your hand and have a fun and present all this beautiful smile.

And finally, it’s better to brush your teeth than to use your hair to hide your smile.

JG team is sending you happy and beautiful smile.

Emina Šaković – Psychologist and Montessori Teacher

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