Dear earthlings, happy Earth Day to all of us!

Our “Blue ball” is as vulnerable as a soap bubble and it’s up to us to learn
children how to take care of them.

Methane emissions, rainforest deforestation, carbon dioxide, are great terms for all of us
ordinary people, and when we hear them, we think that someone else should talk about it.
We feel as we are o pawns living life on Planet Earth.
Do we ever ask ourselves what we can do to help our Planet Earth?

We can do a lot of things,
such as using a bike instead of a car or walking a little more often and thus working well
for your body and environment. We can also separate waste and thus support
waste recycling.

Every day we teach our children to close the water while brushing their teeth or rubbing their hands and
we use paper in different ways. In our classroom we have three different
buckets: in one we exclusively throw paper that we can not use further, in the other
we throw away the paper we use for different projects and the third bucket is used to throw
food that we don’t eat.

In our classroom we decide with kids to made an ECO Globe. We used one big balloon, a daily newspaper that described the state of the world and paper mache (a mixture of water and flour in a ratio of 2:1).
We cut the newspaper into strips, dip it into a mixture of water and flour and glue it to a large
round balloon making sure that our ribbons overlap and that no folds form.

When our second layer dried, on the third day we made paper mache again, but
this time we painted it with blue tempera and smeared our planet. And this layer
had to dry overnight and it is very important to dry for so long that
there was mold on the globe and that it lasts as long as possible.

The next day we painted the globe with blue tempera that dried very quickly,
with chalk we outlined the outlines of all seven continents, applied white acrylic paint and
Sprinkled with sand. The sand stuck to the acrylic paint and that’s how our

Today is the day of Planet we live on so use it to talk a little bit about her,
the future and its preservation with your children. You’ll see that they have a great ideas
how to do this, and we have the opportunity to awaken awareness and
responsibility to our environment and our one and only planet Earth.

Post writen by Emina Šaković – Psychologist and Montessori Teacher

Photos by Jasmin Šaković – Bulb Art Studio

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