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Unique Montessori Generation – Jedinstvena Montessori Generacija

My name is Emina. I live in Sarajevo and I am mother of four unique kids. How I created Montessori Education Center Jedinstvena Generacija Sarajevo is one of my favorites question and I feel that it is right time to share this with world and to inspire other people to work on promotion of natural education model – Montessori education.

With this blog I want to  bring Montessori into child and parents daily life routine and to educate free and bright generation that will make World better place for all of us.

We love sharing lots of practical tips for implementing Montessori ideas and positive parenting into your school or home.

Emina Šaković – Psychologist and Certified Montessori Teacher /NAMC/ with over 14+ Years of experience in Montessori classroom.