40 years passed since Sarajevo was the center of the world. 40 years the Olympic heart is beating in our city. During 40 years this city survived a lot of hard situation. They tried to conquer it but the city did not capitulate.  Not to forget that it is the longest siege of the city in the history of Europe. But it did not capitulate. We brought the Olympic flame in our classroom and enjoyed in learning and playing.

We did not wait long but took our hands and jumped in Olympic circles.

We visited The Olympic mountain Bjelasnica where we stepped on skis for the first time and enjoyed the snow games and pizza.

We started with simple painting of Olympic circles and prepared it for play.  There were a lot of ideas and children hands warmed up.  

We decided to decorate our classroom and took the flags as one of Montessori material from Culture area. The children learnt about the countries that participated in EYOF. We were playing, learning, enjoying…

Each competition means that effort is worth so we decided that each member of JG makes own medals. We used a natural material – clay. A simple form inspired all to create their own medals.

The competition was carefully followed up and we got the first junior JG reporters. The basic aim was to develop researching spirit and to develop vocabulary, as well as to collect information about achieved results in sports disciplines.

We visited some of the sports “fighting” places and made first reporters steps in our life together.

We met Olympic games mascots “Vučko” and “Grudvi”.

Reports were different  some were very précised.

As to be completely in Olympic spirit we decided to make one peace flame in our classroom.

First we started with small torches and we needed more and more as the flame last longer. We used cardboard tubes, crepe paper and glue for making torches.

After 4 days of hard working all members deserved to take peace flame on closing ceremony and to play on toboggan and got the gold medal.

We played in the park with Olympic flames made of strong cardboard.

And the peace torch started its journey and came to the toboggan where it was delivered to the youngest JG member.

After finishing torching ceremony and delivering the medals for all participants in this unique play we needed to add some more cream. Grudvi was the inspiration for our cake and the next post will have a special note. This cake is the beginning of one nice story.

In order to fully feel the Olympic spirit in Sarajevo, we visited the Olympic Museum in Sarajevo.

It was nice in Sarajevo that 1984, and also this 2024, good buy in…

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